Effects of Books on Early Childhood Development
Books have great importance on social, cognitive and emotional development of a child. Books enhance knowledge of a child and thus their ability to express their thoughts and emotions develop. Story books with pictures in them open a window to the child's world of imagination and help them obtain different points of view with the help of story characters. In other words, figures and messages in a story and fable book are important in developmental stages of a child. Especially stories with messages in them and stories with educational aspects affect development positively. Also, story and fable books read together with mother or father strengthens the bond between mother-child or father-child. In a study conducted with children aged 5-6, effects of pictured story books on children's emotional regulation skills (Tsai, 2012). In this research, there are two study groups and one control group, total of three participant groups. One of the study groups is asked to read a book about emotions and asked to make studies on English alphabet in addition, while the other study group was asked to read a book about emotions and also asked to make another activity related to emotions. Control group was asked to read a book about animals and make activities on English alphabet. According to the results of intervention program study, children in both study groups scored higher points in emotion recognition and emotional regulation compared to the control group. This shows that reading books about emotions with children of pre-school era has positive effects on emotional development of children. According to the literature, pictured books read with parents in pre-school era also create an opportunity for parents and children to discuss the subject and thus develop linguistic development and early writing skills of children. All things considered, it is of great importance for emotional, linguistic and social development of a child that parents organize events to bring together children with books during early childhood period.
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