About Uyum Cocuk
Uyum Kids web site prepeared by Presidency of Migration Management for all children to spent happy and quality time. The main aim of this website is to ease thousands of migrant childrens' adaptation and cohesion in Turkey. At the same time our aim is increase the awarness of Turkish children about migrant children and their potential problems. Children are in communication with their friends and adults in their own environment and they learn new things in each day. Besides that they want to recognize other cultures, regions and the world. Uyum Kids, give a place to stories, plays and situations from different cultures and regions through its website. In this way, children will have the ability on thinking about other cultures, preceive other childrens’ life stories and emphathize with them. Uyum Kids website includes plays, music, stories, animations, fairy tales and other various activities for children to spend happy and quality time. You can reach the website from www.uyumcocuk.gov.tr address
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